crit: critical; the best possible result.

Our passion is specializing in marketing automation strategy, implementation, training and successful ongoing management of marketing automation platforms. Our platform expertise is in Marketo and Salesforce Marketing Cloud including integration of difficult systems.

About us

Crit Media believes that the relationship fostered with our clients is just as important as the quality of work performed. "Crit" is the shortening of "critical", originally spoken by popular nuclear physicists in 1957. We are inspired by early physicist, which is why we center our ethos on offering exceptional service using top shelf talent.

We are a dedicated group of specialists that focus on automation and marketing channel services in industries such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Food Services, Retail, Distribution, Education, and much more. Our industry experts will walk you through each step of the buyers journey realized in an automated workflow.

Our work

Marketing automation isn't just a buz-word anymore, it's the difference between an inspired customer and a prospect that doesn't recognize your brand or services. We take special pride in mapping out a strategy that aligns with your personas while crafting a manageable marketing channel strategy. We enjoy walking your team through the process by giving you the knowledge and techniques to do what it takes to offer true omni-channel marketing.

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